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HOMEPAGE 1Looking for high quality LED grow lights at an affordable price online ? Then you’re in luck, because is the first online comparator for LED’s grow lights. Whether you’re looking for supplemental lighting or you want to replace your H.I.D. / HPS system, we’ve got what you need to grow as big as you want with a fraction of the energy you’ll use with other lighting systems. Don’t bother hunting around your local hydro shops or building your own- let us take care of your lighting needs with our LED grow light comparison. We compare the latest and greatest units on the LED market. No matter what you’re trying to grow, we’ll set you up with the LED grow lights best suited for your garden. Need some lights to clone ? Try a vegetative LED grow lights above your starter cells to get those clones nice and tall. Those HID’s not covering your plants completely ? For anyone growing full-sizes plants, we’ve got an array of lights that’ll cover 4 feet of space and more !

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Welcome to the first LED Grow Lights comparator for american growers (USA & Canada). How to compare LED grow lights ? It’s easy. You can compare LED grow lights by spectrum, power, consumption, customers reviews etc. Discover here the first LED grow lights comparator for american and canadian indoor growers.

Discover all best manufacturer's brands for american and canadian indoor growers !

Discover all international brands and LED grow lights manufacturers for indoor growers & horticultural professionnel in USA & Canada. Here you can compare the best manufacturers such as Kind LED, Optic LED, California Light Works, MarsHydro etc.

How to buy LED Grow Lights at cheapest price online in USA or Canada ?

For each LED grow light, we compare online prices from growshops and official distributors. But also on Amazon, eBay etc. Many of them offer free shipping to USA & Canada. So compare online prices from growshops, distributors, or manufacter’s shop and buy your LED grow light at cheapest price online.

How to buy best LED grow light at cheapest price online ? Compare LED Grow Lights with us !

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